The Affair Saturday, Oct 22 2016 

The acting in this series is very good on Showtime. However, this is for adults. Skillful writing and direction. The haunting theme song is well- it stays with you. Ruth Wilson is a very versatile actress – I’ve seen her in a very different role on “Luther”. There is certainly a lot of nudity and rather explicit sex scenes if you are squeamish.


The Nick Monday, Jun 22 2015 

This grows on one. Clive Owen is very good in this. It is a little gory but clearly shows how far medicine has come since then. It also shows how time and tide proves that accepted practices can be wrong. I couldn’t believe the practice of removing a woman’s teeth was a treatment for mental illness. It’s a bit of a Dr. House way back when with a darker and more serious overtone. The difference is that Dr. Thackery is very innovative coming up with new techniques. Medical life at the beginning of the 20th Century. Stephen Soderbergh is a masterful director.

Grantchester Wednesday, Feb 4 2015 

Thanks to OPB this very interesting mystery series is available. James Norton , who I haven’t seen before, is a tall , silently formidable and kindly pastor. He also has combat experience and dabbles in solving crime. He’s one of those actors, you just can’t stop watching…. I suggest you check the series out on Masterpiece Mystery Theatre on Public Television.

Newsroom Monday, Jul 1 2013 

We only get HBO of the premium channels and are catching up on the first season. Jeff Daniels is superb. No airhead anchor here. Bravo. Always thought provoking and on the dime of reasonably current events. Sam Waterston doesn’t disappoint either, elder statesman that he is. He is superb. And when Jane Fonda does brief appearances  it is special. And of course everyone is great in the supporting cast. GREAT television. Mr. Sorkin has a winner after the West Wing….. Can’t wait for season 2.

Downton Abbey Sunday, Mar 31 2013 

This was a special week on Comcast and we were able to catch up on Season 1 and 2 of this terrific series which we have missed. Words cannot express how much I love this series. Each character is so finely etched and with human strokes. Fate deals its blows to us all whether gentry or cook. I find it refreshing that indiscretion happens and yet the indiscreet person has many valuable human qualities. Nobody is totally black and white. Maggie Smith is so great as the Dowager. There is sisterly competition and cattiness, as well as kindness. I hope you have been able to view this special TV offering.

House update Thursday, Feb 2 2012 

Well, we are back to the old tested and true formula, but after last year, one yearns for more surprises… Maybe they are yet to come. Don’t get me wrong, I really admire Mr. Laurie and his work. I’m happy with everyone, including Taub and his “Daddy” troubles. Chase is fleshing out a bit more. And Dr. Adams is a great shot. Nice to see some wacky locations for whatever reason. Monday night is still “House” night over here and shall remain so.

Perils of Paranoia – House episode Wednesday, Dec 7 2011 

Yes, I saw this episode late. It was worth the wait. Hilarious interaction with House and Wilson. Surprises, big belly laughs. An interesting disease. Lots of good character interaction ,with House working on Dr. Park’s head regarding her popularity. By the way, I like Dr. Park. There’s a wait now for more…. they are on a hiatus… Patiently waiting.

last night’s House Tuesday, Nov 15 2011 

Improvement is the word….. sort of like the concept of everybody is screwed up to some degree by their parents. After all, parents are human and do make mistakes sometimes. More growth in Odette A’s character, more interaction with Wilson and food…. Cool belly laughs and House is back in all his irascible glory. I even like Taub better. I like everyone better this week. Hope the show goes on beyond this year.

Last night’s House Tuesday, Nov 8 2011 

The show needs a shot of adrenaline… Don’t get me wrong, I love Hugh Laurie, (from afar). He’s the reason I keep hanging in religiously watching the show… Last year was so exciting with unexpected events and insight into the House character. Now we are back to the “House” formula. I really have to admit that Lisa Edelstein added a lot of charisma and interplay that is needed. Not enough Wilson or sparks between him and House. This is not to say that it is unwatchable, it certainly is good entertainment. But it is missing something this year. Add a firecracker now and then.

Last night’s House Tuesday, Oct 18 2011 

Farewell 13….. House gives himself a haircut.. why not? he’s done surgery on himself! I play House’s mother in a twitter group and have been encouraging a new look in the hair department. We have lots of fun. Ms. Yi is growing on me, the new assistant doc on the team, and Odette Annable’s character is a team member with a penchant for practical jokes a la House. A good solid House episode.

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