A good feeling Monday, Dec 14 2015 

Yesterday was a very good day…. I sold a lot of inventory (jewelry with turquoise and lampwork) of all different types. My work was appreciated. I was selling at Portland Center Stage in downtown Portland. Sometmes I feel down and not too talented, but yesterday proved me wrong. There is always room for improvement, but I think I had good items to sell and they got their just deserts. I feel accomplished. I think it was good, partly because the people who came to the sale are theatre buffs and appreciate the artful and the different and the dramatic. They also value one of a kind pieces. Thanks, Portland Center Stage!


the Lion at Portland Center Stage Saturday, May 16 2015 

Benjamin Scheuer is an extremely talented musician, songwriter and story teller. I just enjoyed 70 minutes of brilliance and passion at the Ellen Bye Theatre. Some may find the subject matter sad, but not I. It is a message of hope. There he is with a full mane of hair after all he has been through. Yes, bad things can happen but the human spirit survives. Not to be missed.

Cyrano at Portland Center Stage Monday, Apr 27 2015 

I truly enjoyed this production. Especially the 2nd act. I was very impressed with Cyrano and Roxanne and their scenes together. Also Roxanne’s sardonic nurse  (played by a man skillfully). Lovers of sword dueling won’t be disappointed. Catch this before it is gone.


Other Desert Cities Tuesday, Mar 17 2015 

An interesting play well performed. Everyone was very well cast. My favorite character was the living son who always added balance to everyone else. It’s a story about memoirs deeply felt, penned by the daughter about a deceased son’s life. The family doesn’t want the book published. Hence the conflict. Sometimes the way one family member remembers is not the complete story. Showing now at Portland Center Stage.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Sunday, Feb 1 2015 

Saw this at Portland Center Stage at the Gerding Theatre. This is a comedy but there is a thought provoking long speech in the 2nd act. I guess I saw it as a baby boomers lament for meaning inspired a bit by Chekhov. It also has roots in Walt Disney, hence the guffaws. Interestingly written play.

Bonita – Portland Center Stage Tuesday, Feb 18 2014 

This is an amazing performance. 90 minutes of dialogue – the memorization alone – but living all that dialogue as you wait for mom in a playground. Playing a number of characters and living them all seamlessly. Good workable set, and intuitive use of it. Not for kids, this is adult fare in the spoken word. Well written script. Fine direction.

Bravo, Kate Norris!


Twist Your Dickens Monday, Dec 16 2013 

Quite a twist on “A Christmas Carol”. Done by the Second City Improvisation Group and there is audience participation in parts and a little uncertainty thrown in. Beautiful set. Very professional comic performances. My favorite part was  the Charlie Brown Christmas satiric take – off. It alone was worth the price of admission. Imagine larger than life cutouts of the characters with actors thrown in. Quite a fun afternoon. 

Venus in Fir at PORTLAND CENTER STAGE Monday, Feb 4 2013 

Well, first of all my credentials? for writing reviews has to do with being a theatre student in a wilder time- the late 60’s… of course I don’t remember so many shootings and masacres back then. But there was nudity on the stage and all kinds of avant garde ideas back then. 

Well no nudity in this production, but it is definitely for adults. I believe there is a place for adult entertainment if it is artfully done and some sort of point (,i.e. power plays between the sexes) is being made. The acting by the two players is superb. And it does have some honest humor. The female lead in particular made rapid fire changes in and out of character with hilarious results. The director also deserves a pat on the back for keeping things artful and watchable. 

I Love to Eat Portland Center Stage Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 

A wonderful one man show! A short biography of the soul and humor of James Beard. Very skillfully done and with heart. James Beard is a native son of Portland,so it was a very full house….. Delightful.

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Midsummer Night’s Dream… PORTLAND CENTER STAGE Tuesday, Nov 27 2012 

I had the joy of seeing this wonderful production. I especially enjoyed the performance of Puck, Bottom and all of the players in Pyramus and Thisbe, the play within the play. As is the custom nowadays , it was staged in modern dress. And I must say, the costumes were wonderful. The set was nice and functional, but a little stark. But all in all, it was a great theatre event.   Lots of exceptionally good comic moments. 


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