Love & Mercy Thursday, Sep 17 2015 

I really liked this film and had no idea that Brian Wilson was going through so much suffering at the hands of others, until he found his lady love. I thought of the Beach Boys as a bunch of light hearted California guys. Lots more was going on. John Cusack’s performance could have been better in some ways, but did capture the despair of a drugged Brian Wilson. Elisabeth Banks is quite good as his redemption. I also did not realize how innovative Brian Wilson’s musical work was. It was truly masterful . There was a serious background to the music and lots of work. Paul Dano is great as the young Brian.


The Age of Adaline Saturday, Sep 5 2015 

A truly wonderful film. I really liked Blake Lively’s portrayal, a classy Capricorn. (Blake is a Virgo). Harrison Ford also shines brightly. And the City of San Francisco figures prominently. (great shots of the Golden Gate Bridge). Very moving.

Good Kill Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

In my book no kill is a “good” one, but the point here is rather shocking. In Las Vegas , Nevada a team of armed services specialists kill by remote control with drones somewhat randomly – including some innocent bystanders.  The CIA is involved and guesses who should be done away with in this way. It just takes pushing a button and the victim is creamed. And this is based on a true story. So this is happening, folks. Ethan Hawke and January Jones are quite good as the leads. A good film to see and be informed about – for adults.

True Story Wednesday, Aug 5 2015 

This is a very good film and James Franco does a wonderful job of playing Christian Longo. It kept me riveted to the screen. Very understated and compelling performance by all. Very well directed.

Woman in Gold Friday, Jul 10 2015 

Helen Mirren’s acting is always special. A very interesting account of a true story. Gustav Klimt ‘s work as an artist is always stunning also. The atrocities of the Third Reich figure into the story. I think the way the story ends is indeed just and the generosity of Maria Altman makes the painting available to many at a New York gallery.


Into the Woods Monday, Jun 15 2015 

Yes, Meryl Streep is great…. But  I didn’t like the film that much. Some things are sacred – and the end of the film twists the stories in a way that was not satisfying to me. The songs weren’t showstoppers. For what its worth that’s my opinion.

Black Sea Saturday, May 9 2015 

A thriller, in the genre of submarine movies. Jude Law seen differently from the past. It kept me watching.

Exodus Gods and Kings Saturday, Apr 25 2015 

A quite good film, directed by Ridley Scott. Not really a redo of previous films on the subject, but true to the story. Interesting view of “the messenger” as a child. The Red Sea parts as expected and with a more modern interpretation. Christian Bale is very fine in the lead.

the Imitation Game Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

A very fine film. It’s amazing how unevolved England was in the past re homosexuality. A sad ending. Realize that the computer we use today came from the efforts of this great man , Alan Turing. The world was changed by this somewhat idiosyncratic, brilliant man. Changed forever.

Unbroken Friday, Mar 27 2015 

This is a good film but it takes a strong stomach to watch it. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the human spirit is hard to break. I am pretty sensitive to what I am watching and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The fact that it is a true story is incredible. Living in those times was terribly stressful. Mr. Zamperini had a heart of steel and he survived.

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