Movie Review “Concussion” Wednesday, Mar 30 2016 

Will Smith is very very good and deserved an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Dr. Omalu. He discovered the link between contact on the football field and brain maladies of those men in their later years. Of course a lot of people weren’t ready to accept anything being wrong with their favorite obsession, football. But nonetheless it has been established that Dr. Omalu was right. If I had a son I would recommend soccer to them, rather than the brutalities toward the brain of football.


Last Knights Thursday, Jul 2 2015 

Some very powerful performances by Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen. Both are just superb actors. Very well directed flick with quite a serious undertone. I really believed the portrayal of Clive Owen’s character and his wife. The ups and downs of true love. Bravo!

Lincoln Lawyer Sunday, Jul 17 2011 

This is a fine film. Always been a fan of Matthew McConaughey. The stereotype of the sleazy lawyer is refuted here. He does his job and somehow retains his integrity with complicated maneuvers. He looks great in this film too….. booty watch here. And he always looks on top of it and smart… (Yeah, I know he’s married). But I can appreciate from afar.