A good feeling Monday, Dec 14 2015 

Yesterday was a very good day…. I sold a lot of inventory (jewelry with turquoise and lampwork) of all different types. My work was appreciated. I was selling at Portland Center Stage in downtown Portland. Sometmes I feel down and not too talented, but yesterday proved me wrong. There is always room for improvement, but I think I had good items to sell and they got their just deserts. I feel accomplished. I think it was good, partly because the people who came to the sale are theatre buffs and appreciate the artful and the different and the dramatic. They also value one of a kind pieces. Thanks, Portland Center Stage!


True Story Wednesday, Aug 5 2015 

This is a very good film and James Franco does a wonderful job of playing Christian Longo. It kept me riveted to the screen. Very understated and compelling performance by all. Very well directed.

new work Wednesday, Jul 22 2015 

Available at http://www.catldy99.etsy.com artwearchok

Check out bonanza for beads and jewelry Friday, Jul 3 2015 

Tomorrow my items will be listed at this new and unique site called Bonanza. Check it out on the Fourth of July! http://www.bonanza.com/booths/judyrbon_123


new beads Tuesday, May 26 2015 

You can find these on etsy.



they remind me of the wisteria flower, a sign of longevity.

New beads Monday, May 18 2015 

Available on http://www.catldy99.etsy.com


I do entertain offers, I accept reasonable ones. Convo me on etsy Saturday, Apr 4 2015 

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Check out the etsy shop http://www.catldy99.etsy.com

new work Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

You can purchase this at http://www.catldy99.etsy.comlcat

Other Desert Cities Tuesday, Mar 17 2015 

An interesting play well performed. Everyone was very well cast. My favorite character was the living son who always added balance to everyone else. It’s a story about memoirs deeply felt, penned by the daughter about a deceased son’s life. The family doesn’t want the book published. Hence the conflict. Sometimes the way one family member remembers is not the complete story. Showing now at Portland Center Stage.

from the ocean- fixed price ebay items Saturday, Feb 14 2015 


Would make nice little charms.

Available on ebay http://stores.ebay.com/Cats-Paw-Artifacts/

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