Haven’t written for a long while Saturday, Mar 19 2016 

News flash…. I am back …. sort of. I have had my ups and downs, but still here and hoping to get back to creating bead woven treasures. My main problem has been fear of the unknown, the unknowable future, but luckily have good people to help me. Friday evening a nurse said something to me that really helped me to cope. God bless all nurses! They are truly giving and wonderful people. No, I’m not in a hospital. Sipping on Peets Hibiscus tea. More to come!


A good feeling Monday, Dec 14 2015 

Yesterday was a very good day…. I sold a lot of inventory (jewelry with turquoise and lampwork) of all different types. My work was appreciated. I was selling at Portland Center Stage in downtown Portland. Sometmes I feel down and not too talented, but yesterday proved me wrong. There is always room for improvement, but I think I had good items to sell and they got their just deserts. I feel accomplished. I think it was good, partly because the people who came to the sale are theatre buffs and appreciate the artful and the different and the dramatic. They also value one of a kind pieces. Thanks, Portland Center Stage!

check out the bluebird of happiness Saturday, Nov 29 2014 

A wonderful little gift for a teen, a youngster or an adult. Small and petite on a lovely little 20 inch sterling chain. Always a gift box included.


Find it on etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/213269688/lampwork-birdheart-pendant-on-sterling?

Christmas and Hannukah are ahead… Friday, Nov 28 2014 

gift ideas


Check out

and http://www.catldy99.etsy.com

hope you all had a good thanksgiving….

Lots of cool gifts for sale Thursday, Nov 27 2014 

Check out this stunning 24 inch lampwork fish necklace. https://www.etsy.com/listing/213009310/lampwork-fish-pendant-necklace-sra?


big sale going on Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 

Note this lovely horse bead on ebay.


Also on etsy I’m having a 30 % off sale, coupon code is 30OFF. http://www.catldy99.etsy.com. 

to see ebay offerings at very low easy to afford prices http://stores.ebay.com/Cats-Paw-Artifacts

A new stylized horse Saturday, Mar 15 2014 

A new stylized horse

what do you think? Constructive comments welcome. Meant to be somewhat modernistic and stylized.

more new work…. Monday, Mar 10 2014 


Available at:




New Work Thursday, Mar 6 2014 




Recently made a sale, but that alone will not handle everything… So more self promotion.

Check out these items…





Lampwork horse bead Sunday, Feb 23 2014 

Lampwork horse bead

at ebay with other beads , click on photo

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