Haven’t written for a long while Saturday, Mar 19 2016 

News flash…. I am back …. sort of. I have had my ups and downs, but still here and hoping to get back to creating bead woven treasures. My main problem has been fear of the unknown, the unknowable future, but luckily have good people to help me. Friday evening a nurse said something to me that really helped me to cope. God bless all nurses! They are truly giving and wonderful people. No, I’m not in a hospital. Sipping on Peets Hibiscus tea. More to come!


new beads Tuesday, May 26 2015 

You can find these on etsy.



they remind me of the wisteria flower, a sign of longevity.

New beads Monday, May 18 2015 

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The affair Thursday, Apr 9 2015 

I’ve seen the first 2 episodes and I would recommend it for adults. Ruth Wilson really shines in this. So far every week shows the unfolding story from 2 points of view, hers and his. Interesting how they aren’t identical. Slowly the story unfolds without all questions being answered. There are candid sex scenes.

I do entertain offers, I accept reasonable ones. Convo me on etsy Saturday, Apr 4 2015 

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the Imitation Game Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

A very fine film. It’s amazing how unevolved England was in the past re homosexuality. A sad ending. Realize that the computer we use today came from the efforts of this great man , Alan Turing. The world was changed by this somewhat idiosyncratic, brilliant man. Changed forever.

Christmas and Hannukah are ahead… Friday, Nov 28 2014 

gift ideas


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hope you all had a good thanksgiving….

big sale going on Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 

Note this lovely horse bead on ebay.


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Inside Llewyn Davis Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 

Love the Coen brothers. This does not disappoint Being of the age group more or less, it speaks to me, Young men imposing on others for a night’s sleep. Taking a chance on their dream. I remember the sonorousness of folk and Dylan. Having  grown up in Minnesota as did the Coens, it rings true. (None of the film takes place in Minnesota. ) A time in our past, carefully told.

Gravity Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 

This is a great movie…. I almost think it should have got best picture. Wear your seat belt, it’s a bumpy ride but worth it….

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