True Story Wednesday, Aug 5 2015 

This is a very good film and James Franco does a wonderful job of playing Christian Longo. It kept me riveted to the screen. Very understated and compelling performance by all. Very well directed.


new work Wednesday, Jul 22 2015 

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Crater Lake, Oregon Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 

This is a gorgeous and slightly spooky place. Was there yesterday. It was wonderful weather. Visit if you can.

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New beads Monday, May 18 2015 

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New Sunday, Apr 19 2015 


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The Theory of Everything Tuesday, Mar 10 2015 

Eddie Redmayne is amazing and one can’t take your eyes off of him. I can’t even imagine how he did this most difficult role. The film shows how with the most daunting impediments, life can go on and even be enjoyable at times. I feel bad for the former Mrs. Hawking and how things played out, but maybe it was for the best for both of them. An excellent film.

Saint Vincent Saturday, Feb 21 2015 

A wonderful film – great work by Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. It’s nice to see a quirky little story that warms the heart. There is so much “weird” cinema out there, it is refreshing to see something that one can relate to. Very interesting characterizations, i.e. the priest teaching grade school.

Bill Murray

from the ocean- fixed price ebay items Saturday, Feb 14 2015 


Would make nice little charms.

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Grantchester Wednesday, Feb 4 2015 

Thanks to OPB this very interesting mystery series is available. James Norton , who I haven’t seen before, is a tall , silently formidable and kindly pastor. He also has combat experience and dabbles in solving crime. He’s one of those actors, you just can’t stop watching…. I suggest you check the series out on Masterpiece Mystery Theatre on Public Television.

Make me an offer Friday, Jan 2 2015 

From now on I will entertain offers in my shops. If it is reasonable, I will accept it most probably.

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