My drama of late Saturday, Sep 23 2017 

My present role as a drama queen is not really comfortable. I am very sensitive to the antidepressant Celexa. I’m in the unenviable position of going up just a tiny bit with the dose. But it sends me to the moon. Anyone out there I could compare notes with on this, feel free to respond. I’m hoping I soon will be coping better. Not that I don’t have other health problems, but this is the big problem right now. More or less.

ON a lighter note, I just got back from an outing to the Sundance store at Bridgeport Village. Bagged myself a neato top.

Okay, let’s hear from somebody out there…….


What I watch Thursday, Nov 24 2016 

“This is US”” The Affair” “Good Behavior”” Speechless” “Masters of Sex”

“Divorce” “Code Black” “Indian Summers” “The Durrells in Cofu” I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  This is quality TV. (by my definition)

The Affair Saturday, Oct 22 2016 

The acting in this series is very good on Showtime. However, this is for adults. Skillful writing and direction. The haunting theme song is well- it stays with you. Ruth Wilson is a very versatile actress – I’ve seen her in a very different role on “Luther”. There is certainly a lot of nudity and rather explicit sex scenes if you are squeamish.

Movie Review “Concussion” Wednesday, Mar 30 2016 

Will Smith is very very good and deserved an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Dr. Omalu. He discovered the link between contact on the football field and brain maladies of those men in their later years. Of course a lot of people weren’t ready to accept anything being wrong with their favorite obsession, football. But nonetheless it has been established that Dr. Omalu was right. If I had a son I would recommend soccer to them, rather than the brutalities toward the brain of football.

Haven’t written for a long while Saturday, Mar 19 2016 

News flash…. I am back …. sort of. I have had my ups and downs, but still here and hoping to get back to creating bead woven treasures. My main problem has been fear of the unknown, the unknowable future, but luckily have good people to help me. Friday evening a nurse said something to me that really helped me to cope. God bless all nurses! They are truly giving and wonderful people. No, I’m not in a hospital. Sipping on Peets Hibiscus tea. More to come!

A good feeling Monday, Dec 14 2015 

Yesterday was a very good day…. I sold a lot of inventory (jewelry with turquoise and lampwork) of all different types. My work was appreciated. I was selling at Portland Center Stage in downtown Portland. Sometmes I feel down and not too talented, but yesterday proved me wrong. There is always room for improvement, but I think I had good items to sell and they got their just deserts. I feel accomplished. I think it was good, partly because the people who came to the sale are theatre buffs and appreciate the artful and the different and the dramatic. They also value one of a kind pieces. Thanks, Portland Center Stage!

Love & Mercy Thursday, Sep 17 2015 

I really liked this film and had no idea that Brian Wilson was going through so much suffering at the hands of others, until he found his lady love. I thought of the Beach Boys as a bunch of light hearted California guys. Lots more was going on. John Cusack’s performance could have been better in some ways, but did capture the despair of a drugged Brian Wilson. Elisabeth Banks is quite good as his redemption. I also did not realize how innovative Brian Wilson’s musical work was. It was truly masterful . There was a serious background to the music and lots of work. Paul Dano is great as the young Brian.

The Age of Adaline Saturday, Sep 5 2015 

A truly wonderful film. I really liked Blake Lively’s portrayal, a classy Capricorn. (Blake is a Virgo). Harrison Ford also shines brightly. And the City of San Francisco figures prominently. (great shots of the Golden Gate Bridge). Very moving.

Good Kill Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

In my book no kill is a “good” one, but the point here is rather shocking. In Las Vegas , Nevada a team of armed services specialists kill by remote control with drones somewhat randomly – including some innocent bystanders.  The CIA is involved and guesses who should be done away with in this way. It just takes pushing a button and the victim is creamed. And this is based on a true story. So this is happening, folks. Ethan Hawke and January Jones are quite good as the leads. A good film to see and be informed about – for adults.

new earrings Friday, Aug 7 2015 

available on etsy


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