New beads Monday, May 18 2015 

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the Lion at Portland Center Stage Saturday, May 16 2015 

Benjamin Scheuer is an extremely talented musician, songwriter and story teller. I just enjoyed 70 minutes of brilliance and passion at the Ellen Bye Theatre. Some may find the subject matter sad, but not I. It is a message of hope. There he is with a full mane of hair after all he has been through. Yes, bad things can happen but the human spirit survives. Not to be missed.

Black Sea Saturday, May 9 2015 

A thriller, in the genre of submarine movies. Jude Law seen differently from the past. It kept me watching.

Cyrano at Portland Center Stage Monday, Apr 27 2015 

I truly enjoyed this production. Especially the 2nd act. I was very impressed with Cyrano and Roxanne and their scenes together. Also Roxanne’s sardonic nurseĀ  (played by a man skillfully). Lovers of sword dueling won’t be disappointed. Catch this before it is gone.


Exodus Gods and Kings Saturday, Apr 25 2015 

A quite good film, directed by Ridley Scott. Not really a redo of previous films on the subject, but true to the story. Interesting view of “the messenger” as a child. The Red Sea parts as expected and with a more modern interpretation. Christian Bale is very fine in the lead.

New Sunday, Apr 19 2015 


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The affair Thursday, Apr 9 2015 

I’ve seen the first 2 episodes and I would recommend it for adults. Ruth Wilson really shines in this. So far every week shows the unfolding story from 2 points of view, hers and his. Interesting how they aren’t identical. Slowly the story unfolds without all questions being answered. There are candid sex scenes.

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new work Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

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the Imitation Game Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

A very fine film. It’s amazing how unevolved England was in the past re homosexuality. A sad ending. Realize that the computer we use today came from the efforts of this great man , Alan Turing. The world was changed by this somewhat idiosyncratic, brilliant man. Changed forever.

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