Check out bonanza for beads and jewelry Friday, Jul 3 2015 

Tomorrow my items will be listed at this new and unique site called Bonanza. Check it out on the Fourth of July!


Last Knights Thursday, Jul 2 2015 

Some very powerful performances by Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen. Both are just superb actors. Very well directed flick with quite a serious undertone. I really believed the portrayal of Clive Owen’s character and his wife. The ups and downs of true love. Bravo!

a new bead Tuesday, Jun 23 2015 


a new galloping horse bead on etsy….

The Nick Monday, Jun 22 2015 

This grows on one. Clive Owen is very good in this. It is a little gory but clearly shows how far medicine has come since then. It also shows how time and tide proves that accepted practices can be wrong. I couldn’t believe the practice of removing a woman’s teeth was a treatment for mental illness. It’s a bit of a Dr. House way back when with a darker and more serious overtone. The difference is that Dr. Thackery is very innovative coming up with new techniques. Medical life at the beginning of the 20th Century. Stephen Soderbergh is a masterful director.

Into the Woods Monday, Jun 15 2015 

Yes, Meryl Streep is great…. But  I didn’t like the film that much. Some things are sacred – and the end of the film twists the stories in a way that was not satisfying to me. The songs weren’t showstoppers. For what its worth that’s my opinion.

Blindsided Sunday, Jun 14 2015 

Available for home rental and it is a well crafted thriller. With Michael Keaton as a sadistic thug looking for money and diamonds. Some twists and turns and the blind heroine. I screamed more than once in surprise.

Crater Lake, Oregon Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 

This is a gorgeous and slightly spooky place. Was there yesterday. It was wonderful weather. Visit if you can.

IMG_0178 IMG_0180 IMG_0182 IMG_0183 IMG_0184

Cake Monday, Jun 1 2015 

Possibly the best thing I have seen from Jennifer Anniston. No wonder she was nominated. A quiet deep look at deep pain. But I guess I see the end as an awakening. Strangely enough it is not really depressing. Not a fast paced action thriller, but I prefer a probing look at pain, emotional and physical. Bravo!

new pendant Sunday, May 31 2015 

This is a nice piece of work hanging 40mm. It can be purchased at


new beads Tuesday, May 26 2015 

You can find these on etsy.


they remind me of the wisteria flower, a sign of longevity.

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