Cyrano at Portland Center Stage Monday, Apr 27 2015 

I truly enjoyed this production. Especially the 2nd act. I was very impressed with Cyrano and Roxanne and their scenes together. Also Roxanne’s sardonic nurseĀ  (played by a man skillfully). Lovers of sword dueling won’t be disappointed. Catch this before it is gone.


Exodus Gods and Kings Saturday, Apr 25 2015 

A quite good film, directed by Ridley Scott. Not really a redo of previous films on the subject, but true to the story. Interesting view of “the messenger” as a child. The Red Sea parts as expected and with a more modern interpretation. Christian Bale is very fine in the lead.

New Sunday, Apr 19 2015 


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The affair Thursday, Apr 9 2015 

I’ve seen the first 2 episodes and I would recommend it for adults. Ruth Wilson really shines in this. So far every week shows the unfolding story from 2 points of view, hers and his. Interesting how they aren’t identical. Slowly the story unfolds without all questions being answered. There are candid sex scenes.

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new work Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

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the Imitation Game Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 

A very fine film. It’s amazing how unevolved England was in the past re homosexuality. A sad ending. Realize that the computer we use today came from the efforts of this great man , Alan Turing. The world was changed by this somewhat idiosyncratic, brilliant man. Changed forever.

Unbroken Friday, Mar 27 2015 

This is a good film but it takes a strong stomach to watch it. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the human spirit is hard to break. I am pretty sensitive to what I am watching and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The fact that it is a true story is incredible. Living in those times was terribly stressful. Mr. Zamperini had a heart of steel and he survived.

Birdman Wednesday, Mar 25 2015 

I was really surprised that I liked this. Didn’t know what to expect. Michael Keaton is superb. I’m a real theatre buff and didn’t know there was so much of that in this film. Yes, some celebrities aren’t real actors, but Michael Keaton certainly is a fine actor. He has Batman in his past, but he has more. The direction of this film was superb, I wouldn’t change a thing. His (Michael Keaton’s) inner voice is the Birdman lifting him up out of the depression and rage into self respect. A lot of things ring true in this film. Do see this and prepare for surprises. Another star in the film is Manhattan, a real sense of the city is in the film.

Museum of the Moving Image Salute to Ron Howard

Other Desert Cities Tuesday, Mar 17 2015 

An interesting play well performed. Everyone was very well cast. My favorite character was the living son who always added balance to everyone else. It’s a story about memoirs deeply felt, penned by the daughter about a deceased son’s life. The family doesn’t want the book published. Hence the conflict. Sometimes the way one family member remembers is not the complete story. Showing now at Portland Center Stage.

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