Whiplash Wednesday, Feb 25 2015 

This is a terrific movie, not for young children tho. The language is a bit rough. JK Simmons really earned this Oscar. Like the staccato beat of the drum, this movie builds and builds. Many surprises, not really what I expected.

Academy Awards Monday, Feb 23 2015 

I think Stephen Fry was way more entertaining on BAFTA than Neil Patrick Harris on the Oscars. Sorry Neil, you are a good performer I know, but maybe you needed better writers. A highlight was Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech for women’s rights and Eddie Redmayne for best actor. I guess I agreed more with the choices compared to BAFTA in general. As usual there were winners and losers in the “gown” category. I didn’t like Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Understatement wins with me.

Nightcrawler Sunday, Feb 22 2015 

Warning… this is disturbing. Mainly due to Jake G’s very carefully crafted performance; he doesn’t even look like himself. He’s part robot, (not literally) and part nerd. An unemotional manipulator. A very interesting script. It’s kind of sad he wins in the end.

Saint Vincent Saturday, Feb 21 2015 

A wonderful film – great work by Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. It’s nice to see a quirky little story that warms the heart. There is so much “weird” cinema out there, it is refreshing to see something that one can relate to. Very interesting characterizations, i.e. the priest teaching grade school.

Bill Murray

Threesome Thursday, Feb 19 2015 

Nudity is different on the stage. First of all, I must say there is no sex in this play. (Thank heaven). It’s talked about and joked about and anguished about…. but when so much flesh is seen – it would be too much to do it. The first act where most of the nudity is…. is very funny. The threesome does not happen… (thank heaven)  It works because most of the players are very uncomfortable, as is the audience. It really isn’t prurient.

This play is about the ravishing and raping of Arab women to a degree and I think the message could have been a little more convincing and maybe more strong. I don’t understand why she even ever thinks she wants a threesome. Maybe I missed some of the point.

feeling down Sunday, Feb 15 2015 

Anyone else out there feeling down? I’m sure there must be someone out on the east coast who is a little down. What with all the snow…. actually the weather in Portland is early spring and sun. It still could be a little warmer. It helps me to write this down. Really if you are down…. please comment and if you really want to help… buy a bead. I do exercise every day it helps a bit. I want to communicate with you.

BAFTA Sunday, Feb 15 2015 

This was a very entertaining and classy awards show. Stephen Fry was wonderful as the host. I don’t agree with all of the awards, but…. “Boyhood” was not as great as many seem to think, but that’s my opinion. I do want to catch the film about Stephen Hawking. I liked Reese Witherspoon in “Wild” and hoped she would get an award. She was perfectly cast in the role. Some day it would be nice to visit London. I love the work of the Brits.

from the ocean- fixed price ebay items Saturday, Feb 14 2015 


Would make nice little charms.

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latest work Saturday, Feb 7 2015 

bird lampfi

fishfp ffish

I do reasonably well at in person sales, but am having a bit of trouble online. I do colorful whimsical work and feel my efforts deserve a buyer.

Check out




Grantchester Wednesday, Feb 4 2015 

Thanks to OPB this very interesting mystery series is available. James Norton , who I haven’t seen before, is a tall , silently formidable and kindly pastor. He also has combat experience and dabbles in solving crime. He’s one of those actors, you just can’t stop watching…. I suggest you check the series out on Masterpiece Mystery Theatre on Public Television.

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