been thru lots of stuff lately Tuesday, Jul 8 2014 

fpeaLampwork is on the back burner for now but maybe not forever. I do have lots of nice jewelry for sale on etsy unique and great for summer’

Check it out!

thank God for a stranger Thursday, Jun 5 2014 

Taking my morning walk. Sugar good today blood sugar. Ran into a breast cancer survivor on the walk. Thank God for that………. long night’s sleep last night, some of it in the recliner. Many of us have hurdles in life, I am not alone.

Hanging in Tuesday, Jun 3 2014 

still hanging in there…. good night sleep, hope there is many more ahead. Kudos to my MD. Back up on antidepressant, but not that much and not fast.

Hugh Laurie in Portland!!!!! Friday, May 23 2014 

What a magical evening, brothers and sistas… Hugh is a consummate performer, big moves, fancy footwork and virtuoso piano playing. If he is touring near ya, beat a path… The band is well fantastically good, those 2 lady singers in particular….. The concert hall rocked!!!

A work in progress, constructive criticism please Thursday, Apr 3 2014 


not finished or listed yet, will have a silver chain and this is the centerpiece, a long choker… Let me know what I should charge and what you think.


Inside Llewyn Davis Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 

Love the Coen brothers. This does not disappoint Being of the age group more or less, it speaks to me, Young men imposing on others for a night’s sleep. Taking a chance on their dream. I remember the sonorousness of folk and Dylan. Having  grown up in Minnesota as did the Coens, it rings true. (None of the film takes place in Minnesota. ) A time in our past, carefully told.

Gravity Tuesday, Mar 25 2014 

This is a great movie…. I almost think it should have got best picture. Wear your seat belt, it’s a bumpy ride but worth it….

An exciting new item! Thursday, Mar 20 2014 

A cell phone necklace with leather look material and a leather strap. Note my design loom woven cover flap in bright spring/summer (goes with jeans) colors. 3 and 1/2 inch by 5 and 1/2 inch – I phones fit! (I’m sure others do too, measure…..

Available on ebay


New listing Wednesday, Mar 19 2014 

The human body is a beautiful thing, this is stylized and rustic. Available at:




A tasty great vegie recipe soup Tuesday, Mar 18 2014 

I’m not a great curry fan, but this soup is special…..and VERY TASTY

Red Curry Vegie Soup

1 tbs. good omega 3 oil

12 oz. cauliflower

4 large green onions, thinly sliced

2 tbs red curry paste or curry powder to taste

4 cups chicken or vegie broth

15 oz. can tomatoes and juice

6 oz. green beans

2 tbs. lime juice

1. heat oil and saute cauliflower and green onions 5 minutes

2.Add broth and tomatoes, bring to boil and simmer 10 minutes

3. Add green beans simmer 5 minutes

4. Stir in lime juice

(from vegetarian times magazine) originally it had some coconut milk, but I think it is great without it.


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